Our Team


Rouzbeh Tehrani, Ph.D.,  Assistant Professor

The P.I. has recently started his research tenure-track position.
He has previously served an instructional faculty.

Google Scholar (Very new to the 2D world, expect our publication for 2020 )

Ph.D. Students

Astha Upadhyay, M.S. (Synthetic biology and green chemistry)  

Kyriakos Atmatzidis, M.S. ( 2D & nanomaterials for innovative processes)    

Farbod Alimohammadi, M.S. (2D & nanomaterials synthesis and characterization)
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M.S. Students 

Haoxing Zhao (thesis, nanosynthetic microbiology)  

Nomble Lee (project completed, layered materials for water treatment)

Hasib Ahmed (project completed, encapsulated denitrification) 


Undergraduate Student 

Mary Fenning (summer intern) 

Positions are available for undergraduate students.  


Benoit Van Aken, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, George Mason University
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Daniel Strongin, Dept. of Chemistry, Center for Complex Materials from First Principles

Temple University, 
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